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The world’s most popular video streaming platform is YouTube. It is constantly appearing with new features. They are so organized to make the experience of using YouTube better.

YouTube has lost subscribers mainly due to the increase in the number of tick users. So the platform has no choice but to add new features.

This time YouTube has come up with a new feature. Google’s video platform will now highlight the most replay part of any video for web-players and mobile apps. This new feature of YouTube has already been launched for premium subscribers. From now on all users will get the benefit of this new feature.

According to YouTube, if a particular part of a video is replayed more than once, that part will be highlighted. This will allow users to view that part of the video.

With this new feature, that part of the video can be seen through the Most Replay tag. As a result, only that part can be seen without watching the whole video. This new feature has been introduced to show users what they want to see.

On the other hand, the ‘YouTube Go’ app is going to be closed very soon. The app is going to be closed at the beginning of August. As a result, users of the YouTube Go app have been asked by YouTube to download the regular YouTube app to their devices. Because the ‘YouTube Go’ app can no longer be used. The app was launched in 2016.

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