Netflix live streaming

Netflix Live streaming opportunities are coming

Livestreaming is currently a popular feature on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This feature is very popular among business people and general users as well as celebrity stars. This time the live streaming feature is coming to the OTT platform Netflix.

Netflix plans to add a live streaming feature to its platform. It is learned that the feature will be included for unscripted shows and stand-up specials. Its activities are now in the early stages. It is expected that this feature will be launched very soon.

Netflix also wants to add a voting system to live streaming to give viewers a chance to participate in competition shows. In other words, it will be able to add viewers to shows like ‘American Idol’ which started broadcasting 20 years ago.

It is hoped that these participatory events will encourage Netflix users to hold on instead of canceling their subscriptions and re-subscribe to any interesting event.

On the other hand, Netflix has recently suffered a financial loss due to losing customers. For this reason, the staff is retiring and stopping various features. Bringing new features with that. The platform seems to help increase the number of subscribers.

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