WhatsApp Message Save

WhatsApp Messages can be saved

From now, WhatsApp Messages can be Saved. Recently Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature. Now you can save the necessary message. WhatsApp often sends addresses, phone numbers, or any important information. They are useful even after a long time. Users may get in trouble if those messages are deleted automatically. Therefore, it is very useful to save important messages.

From now on, those urgent messages can be saved. This feature was previously offered in the beta version of WhatsApp. From now on all users will get this facility.

A screenshot recently shared by WBTinfor shows that there is a special section on Contact Information called ‘Kipot Messages’. This will save the message that you saved before it was deleted.

Originally this feature came from another feature of WhatsApp, Disappearing Message. Users can delete any conversation via disappearing messages. When this feature is turned on, all messages are automatically deleted within seven days.

This can cause problems for many users. Many times useful messages are also being deleted. Income cannot be found by reading that. So if the user has any useful message, you can save it now. WhatsApp was working on the problem of disappearing messages. The platform came up with this feature as a solution to that problem.

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