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Two new features on Google Maps

Google recently turned 15. This is why this tech giant is bringing various updates. All Google apps have been updated. Similarly, users will get two updates on Google Maps at the same time.

One of them is Street View on Android and iOS. Until now, this feature was only available on the desktop. But from now on, this feature will also be available on iPhone and Android.

Google Imaging is about how a place changes. In other words, what a place was like 5 years ago and what is the condition of that place now can be known through Street View. This feature was only available in the desktop version. But this time you can get that benefit by using Google Maps on your smartphone.

To understand how the whole thing works, you first need to go to Google Maps. Then turn on Street View mode from there. There you will find See More Data. Through this, you will see historical imagery.

Google is also launching a special camera. Which is a little different from normal cameras. Because only the feature that is capable of taking Street View imagery. This camera has a 360-degree view. This camera can be used with any vehicle.

It is possible to install this camera on the roof of any car. No special device is required for this. Google has posted a blog about this. It said that in the past, a completely different type of camera was needed to take such pictures. But now all that is not needed. Very good pictures can be taken with a Google camera.

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