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Multiple changes are coming to Google Apps

Google IO has recently announced a number of changes. All Google apps are about to change. Google seems to be bringing something new to the big screen. In fact, their goal this time is to bring apps for tablets.

Where the emphasis is on design language and personalized interface. So for those who are using Android-powered tablets now, they will see some changes in a few days, and that is visual. This visual change can be seen in different types of Google apps.

Google I / O 2022 the special attraction was Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro, Google Pixel Watch, and Google Pixel Buds. However, in addition to announcing these products, there have also been some changes to Android 13. Google wants to focus on design innovation to make Android more personalized. Google wants to put more emphasis on the tablet to improve its visuals.

Different types of changes may be required for different types of Google apps. That change may be in the upcoming update. These include Google Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Duo, Calculator, YouTube Music, Files App, Family Link App, etc.

Changes in Google Apps

Google Chrome
Among other apps, Google Chrome is one of the best apps that work well on tablets. Multitasking features may be brought to make it better. In addition, if someone opens multiple tabs, then a better look will be available.

Utility changes may occur in the case of Gmail. As a result, users will get a drawer button on top of Gmail. This will allow users to easily access their own folders and labels.

Google Maps
In the case of tablets, a split view of Google Map will be available. But now Google has brought a shifting bottom bar. A better view will be available through this.

Files app
A vertical interface can come in this app. This will make it even better.

It will have a new layout. Through which two-column view, more buttons and operation tools are available.

Family Link app
A drawer will be revamped on it. This will give a new look and new features.

Google Duo
This video calling app will have more centralized control. As a result, users will get the benefit of a larger display.

YouTube Music
Double column view will be available in this app. There will also be more features on the screen via the navigation rail.

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