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Sent messages can be edited on WhatsApp

Millions of people are using the instant messaging app WhatsApp every day. The number of users is increasing day by day. This site is used for chatting with friends or exchanging important office messages. Many times spelling mistakes are made when writing a message. Many times one sends a message to another.

Such mistakes lead to embarrassing situations. WhatsApp has long had the option to delete sent messages from both parties. However, this time the popular site is giving the opportunity to edit the sent message.

WhatsApp is going to add another new feature. According to WBTinfo about the feature, if a message is currently sent to WhatsApp, it is no longer possible to edit it. But according to the new update, it is possible to edit any message sent from now on. This feature is already available in Google Chat.

Earlier in 2016, WhatsApp had tested this feature. But almost 5 years have passed but no stable version of that feature has come yet. However, according to WWB, the edit feature is finally available very soon.

After sending a message through this feature, the sender can edit the message if he thinks. The icon of this new edit feature will be at the very top of the message box. Where there is an info, copy option, there will be an edit option right next to it. For this, you have to long-press on any sent message. Then multiple options will be seen on top of that message. The user has to choose the edit message option from it.

WhatsApp is currently being beta tested on the Android version. Users will be able to use the beta version of this feature on desktop and iOS in a few days.

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