Gmail Secret Message

Sending Gmail Secret messages

Mail is used to send official or much more important messages. Tech giant Google‘s Gmail is also quite popular. The site is coming up with various updates to attract users and improve the user experience. Gmail is now offering the opportunity to send and open secret and confidential e-mails.

Gmail users can use secret mode. Through this secret mode, you can send and open different types of e-mail. This allows users to secretly send important information via messages and attachments. This will make the sensitive information of the users more secure. Important information will also be less likely to be passed on to others.

This secret mode of Gmail can be used on iPhones, Android, iPad, and computers. The user can also use Confidential mode. You can set it with an expiration date. As a result, different types of information mailed to users will be more secure. Even one’s mail will not go to anyone else.

Suppose someone mailed important information to someone and the recipient mistakenly sent the mail to someone else. But if this confidential mode is turned on, the person to whom the message was sent incorrectly will not be able to take screenshots and photos of him.

To use Confidential Mode, first, open Gmail. From here you have to click on compose option. Then click on the turn-on option of the confidential mode at the bottom right.

You can set the expiration date and passcode in Gmail. This setting can be used in the message text and any attachments. If the user chooses the ‘No SMS passcode’ option, the sender will be able to open the message directly if they use the Gmail app. Those who do not use the Gmail app must provide a passcode.

If the user selects the ‘SMS passcode’ option, then the person to whom the message will be sent will have to use the passcode. In this case, remember to enter the person’s phone number to whom the message will be sent.

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