New Feature in WhatsApp Status

New feature in WhatsApp status

The number of users of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is increasing day by day. Using a variety of features is interesting and easy. One of the most popular features of WhatsApp is status.

Users can add any status they want to their profile on WhatsApp. Even the uploaded status is visible to everyone on his contact list. The uploader can also see who is viewing the status.

You can also hide the status if you want. Or if someone thinks he can show his status to only certain people, then that is possible. In that case, you have to make some changes to the settings. However, if those who are viewing your status also make some changes in the settings, then you will not see the view list of the uploaded status.

What to do if you want to see someone else’s status and if you do not want to let them know that you are viewing their status –

  • First, open WhatsApp from your phone.
  • Then click on a three-dot option at the very top right of the home screen. A drop-down menu will open.
  • From there select the settings option.
  • Here you will find account options. Select that option and then tap on the Privacy option.
  • Then the Read Receipts option can be seen on that screen. Antique that option. Or turn it off. Now you can see the status of anyone. However, they will not know your presence.

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