The new feature in WhatsApp video status

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp also has the advantage of giving status. Photos, texts, or videos can be shared on WhatsApp status. Many people also express their feelings through status.

That’s why new features are coming to make using this important feature of the site more fun. This will make it easier to add video links to WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp is now coming soon for status updates with the Share Rich Link Preview Generated feature, according to a report by The site is now working on the feature. As a result, users will be able to see the preview after sharing the video.

Currently, if you share a video link like YouTube or Reels link in WhatsApp status, the preview is not visible. However, users will soon see the preview with the link.

This feature will be released soon for Android and desktop beta users of WhatsApp. It is currently in the testing phase. Initially, the feature will be available in Android beta and later in a stable version, according to the company.

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