Facebook Account Safety

How to Safe your Facebook account

No matter how advanced the world of technology is, hackers are creating themselves that way. Nothing is safe from the torment of cybercriminals, from social media to devices. Cybercrime is one of the emerging problems in the world right now.

An intelligence firm recently claimed that a hacker obtained credentials from over one million Facebook accounts in four months. The reason for this is of course the Facebook phishing scam.

Phishing is a type of online scam. In it, cybercriminals target users and send tempting e-mails from a popular source such as an internet service provider, a bank, or a mortgage firm. They usually demand different types of personal information from consumers.

Researchers have conducted various experiments and analyses to show that such threat actions and criminal e-mails are being undertaken from Colombia.

On average, thousands of Facebook accounts are falling prey to this phishing scam every day. Hackers have stolen users’ personal information.

Recently, an anti-phishing scam firm called PIXM used the phone as a login gateway as an alternative to Facebook’s landing page. As a result, it has been seen that the information of those who input the information of the account on their page has been stolen.

Then they went deeper and examined the matter. At that time, some more sensational information came up. Examination shows that criminals create another reference server just like the real server for scamming. This reference server is acting as a database server host to collect all the information input from the account users.

The researchers also found a link to a traffic monitoring application. Which gave the anti-phishing firm the opportunity to find the tracking metrics. Here, of course, not only the pages used by cybercriminals but also other fake landing pages have been found by the experts of the PIXM anti-phishing scam firm.

The source of these dangerous links is basically Facebook. It is through this link that criminals hack the accounts of different victims and then spread the same link among different people in different ways, especially among the user’s acquaintances, so that more people’s accounts can be hacked.

They create fake Facebook landing pages using the URLs of popular websites like Amazon, and Giltech. Scams are guaranteed once users enter these pages.

How to Safe your Facebook Account?

  • Refrain from opening any link. Do not click on any link if it seems suspicious. If you receive an e-mail, message, or post from a close friend or Facebook friend, which may not match his normal behavior, it is best not to click or respond to it.
  • You can see by going to the security and login page of Facebook, that your ID has been logged on some devices. Facebook has suggested some additional measures for the security of the account. All of this is on the security and login page of your account.
  • Facebook password should not be used in any other case or it is not right to share it with anyone. The password must be a combination of lowercase letters and a number of at least 6 numbers so that no one can easily guess.
  • Turn on the two-factor option of Facebook. Even if you know your password, no one else will be able to access your account without your permission.
  • Do not log in to your Facebook account anywhere. However, if you need to work, you must log out and think about it.
  • Never share a password with anyone. Avoid even writing it down somewhere.
  • Be sure to check out the various popular Facebook pages before entering. Notice the URL of the page link. If there is no URL, understand that the page is fake.

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