Facebook Several location tracking features are being discontinued

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. One feature after another is being added for the users on the site owned by Meter. On the other hand, various features are being turned off. This time Several location tracking features have been added to the list.

Facebook says that although popular, this feature is rarely used at present. That is why the feature is being turned off. In addition to this service, Facebook is going to shut down a few other features for less use. These include Nearby Friends, Weather Alert, Location History, and Background Location.

Facebook has already started sending notifications to users about this. No more data will be collected from users for these features. Data collection has been stopped since last May 3.

However, Facebook users can view, download and delete any location data. Users can do this through Facebook’s settings and privacy menu. According to Facebook, users will have to do this themselves. Because all services will be stopped from 1st August.

However, even if these features are turned off, users will not have any problems. Because very few users used these features of Facebook.

Source: The Verge

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