Zoom App New Features

Zoom app New Features

Work from home was the only hope during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Even though everything has come to a standstill, all the offices and meetings have been taken care of while sitting at home in the lockdown. The most popular online meeting app was Zoom.

This app was created in 2011 for entrepreneurs and business buyers. However, very few people have used this app. The Zoom app became known around the world as soon as online classes started during Corona. Its founder is Eric Yuan.

Zoom is currently being used for online meetings in almost all countries of the world. From school, college to office, or business discussions, this is the only hope from afar. That’s why Zoom is constantly being designed for users.

Zoom App New Features

Multiple new features have recently been added to reduce user meeting monotony. The app also has the advantage of changing the background from the meeting a few days ago. Call End brings new benefits to avoid unwanted incidents. Let’s take a look at the new features of the app-

This is an online whiteboard. Through this, each participant of the zoom call is given a collaborative workspace. The goal is for each participant to be able to participate in that call, concretize, and capture real-time ideas. This feature will also help with a variety of tools.

Code app for zoom
This feature will allow each participant of the zoom call to have a say. So you don’t have to open any more tabs separately. Also, a new code #askwhy has been introduced through this feature. Through this, if each participant knows something about the other, they will be able to tell the rest.

Zoom background rooms
This is a very important feature of Zoom. This allows zoom call participants to split up into smaller groups and have important discussions.

Zoom well
Collaborative space has been recreated through this feature. This allows each participant in the zoom call to see each other and exit the meeting as needed during that conversation.

Twin for Zoom
This is Zoom’s all-in-one room management feature. With this, you can create any meeting host room-based meeting. Through this, the user can get the benefit of On Custom Rules, Rotate Between Timed, Back to Back Breakout, Chat Across Room, etc.

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