What to do to protect the device during storms

Thunderstorms with thunder and drizzle. It is very important to keep the home device safe at this time. There are many reports of TVs and refrigerators being damaged during lightning strikes. So be careful to keep your electronic device safe at this time.

Also things you can do during storms or thunderstorms-

  • Turn off the TV during lightning. You can keep the dish or internet connection open.
  • Keep the router off during storms. The router will be good for a long time. Even if a device is directly connected to it, it will be protected.
  • Using the phone during lightning is not dangerous. But it is in the house. Avoid using the phone on the roof or in the open space on the street. If you use the phone during a thunderstorm, you may be struck by lightning.
  • If you have an internet connection with your home desktop or computer, turn it off. Even refrain from running desktop or laptop at this time. However, in the case of mobiles or laptops with WiFi connection to the router, they are not likely to be damaged by lightning. However, if the laptop or router is connected to the electricity of the house, disconnect it.
  • If there is a direct electrical connection with the fridge or AC, it is safe to keep it open. Avoid running AC even at this time.
  • Refrain from charging laptop, smartphone, or any device during lightning. If it is attached to the charger, open it.
  • Arrange to earth with all types of electrical connections in the house. If possible, disconnect the house from the mainline during lightning strikes.

Also, keep some necessary devices at hand at this time. Such as torchlight, and radio. Always keep your smartphone fully charged. You can switch off the smartphone while going out. Even if it gets wet in the rain, the phone will be less damaged.

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