Using a smartphone from a computer

With the help of Microsoft’s Link to Windows app, Android mobile phone can be connected to the computer running Windows 10 operating system. As a result, you can use the app to view notifications, messages, and pictures from your computer as well as make calls from your mobile phone. To control a mobile phone from a computer, you must first download and install the Link to Windows app from the Google Play Store (

After launching the Link to Windows app, click on the Link Your Phone and PC button. Now type Your Phone in the Windows Start menu, search and launch the Your Phone app and click the Get Started button. Now I have the Link to the Windows app already by clicking on the tick mark next to the text and clicking on the Pair With QR Code button to scan the QR code. Is the QR code on your PC ready? You have to tap the Continue button of the option and scan the QR code shown on the computer with the camera. Once connected, you need to allow the use of data by pressing the Continue button.

The Link to Windows app allows you to use the Allow option to periodically use notifications, messages, and photos as well as telephone numbers to control the mobile phone. After allowing the app to run in the background, tap on the Continue option and select Allow. Now, by pressing the Continue button on the computer’s Your Phone app, you can view notifications, messages, and pictures on your mobile phone as well as make calls.

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