Toyota HiRider Car

Toyota Hi-Rider Car Review

Toyota has recently announced a new car. The Toyota Hi-Rider is a joint venture between Toyota and Suzuki. The official launch could be in August. The car will run on both petrol and battery. Even if the battery does not need to be charged from outside, it will automatically save energy while running.

Toyota High-rider has a 1.5 liter powerful self-charging hybrid powertrain. The car will run on petrol as well as electric motors and batteries. Pure petrol, hybrid, and pure EV (electric only) drive modes can be used to automatically change the driving source of the vehicle.

Again, the cheap base variant of this car will have mild-hybrid technology. The car will be available in manual and automatic variants with transmission options. The car will have a 360-degree camera, ventilated front seat, head-up display, electric sunroof, large floating touchscreen, and many other interesting features.

Toyota is entering the highly competitive compact SUV market at the hands of Hi-rider. The company has not yet clarified the price of the car.

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