Tiktok Revenue Sharing for Videos

TikTok Revenue Share is starting

TikTok has decided to pay the video makers from the advertising revenue. For this, they are going to launch an ads revenue share program called ‘TikTok Pulse’. Under the new initiative, TikTok will give half of the revenue to video makers by displaying advertisements in videos. As a result, you can make more money than you do now by making videos for TikTok. However, TikTok will not share its advertising revenue with all video producers. Only video makers with at least one lakh subscribers will get this opportunity.

TikTok currently has hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Many have become stars by posting small-sized funny videos on this Chinese video exchange network. But TickTock has long faced criticism for failing to give video producers a share of advertising revenue, such as YouTube or Facebook. And so this time they have taken the initiative to share part of the advertising revenue with the video makers.

Under the TickTalk Pulse program, advertisements will be shown in specific places in the video. TikTok will also specify several places for video makers for this. If all goes well, the program will be launched in the United States next month and will be rolled out to other countries in phases.

TikTok made about 4.6 billion dollars in advertising last year. In order to make more money from advertisements, Tiktak authorities have recently made a maximum of 10 minutes of video recording time.

Source: AFP

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