Portronics Genesis Smart Gaming Headphone

You must use headphones for gaming or listening to music. However, many people can not stay long with headphones in their ears. Not all headphones are suitable for gaming. But this time the portraits company came up with special headphones for gamers.

A new smart gaming headphone called Portronics Genesis has debuted in India. This new audio device is specially designed to make the user a discerning performer as well as further enhance his gaming skills.

The Portronics Genesis headphones are designed for use in extended gaming sessions. The headphones, made of metal and polycarbonate, come with a rugged design. The headphones use memory foam head cushions and ear cuffs to reduce the stress of gamers. Which will provide a stress-free gaming experience as well as ease to the user. In addition, the adjustable headband can be fitted to the head in any size.

The headphones are provided with a 40mm professional sound driver. Which will provide flashless audio without any hassle. Behind the bushes, you can hear all kinds of subtle sounds starting from the sound of twigs through these headphones.

The microphone is capable of capturing even the slightest whisper of the user. At the same time, it is possible to avoid unwanted clutter around with these headphones. As a result, gamers will get a whole new kind of gaming experience.

The 1.8-meter nylon cable with braids on the Portronics Genesis headphones is long-lasting and can withstand any kind of tension. The headphones also have an inline control for switching between volume and microphone.

In India, the Portronics Genesis headphones are available for Rs 1,099. The new headphones are available in Black, Gray, and Red. With this users will get 12 month warranty. In addition to the company’s own website, you can buy the new headphones from the online and offline stores of the e-commerce site Amazon India.

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