WhatsApp Security New Feature

New security feature in WhatsApp

Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is now at the top of popularity. That’s why hackers are now looking at this site. WhatsApp accounts have been hacked at various times. This time the site came up with a new feature to keep users’ accounts safe.

WBTinfo has shared a screening on this. It has been seen that the company is going to start a double verification process from now on. Currently, if a user accesses his WhatsApp account from another mobile, only a verification code comes to the registered mobile number. But according to the new update, from now on the verification code will be sent to another number besides the registered number.

Sending that verification code means the user understands that his account is being accessed from another phone. This feature will play a very important role in the case of those who used an account in the past but for some reason can no longer use that account.

Suppose someone else is trying to access your WhatsApp account. In that case, if for some reason the person can get the WhatsApp code, then WhatsApp will send another verification code. There will be a written that someone is trying to access your account. This allows the user to understand that someone else is trying to use their account.

This feature is currently in development. However, the site has not yet announced when this feature will be launched. It is expected that this new feature will be launched soon.

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