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Netflix is offering password sharing again

Netflix is currently the most popular of the OTT platforms. The best platform for watching movies and television series and OTT series has subscribers all over the world. That number exceeded a few crores long ago. Netflix currently has 220 million subscribers worldwide. But a few days ago, bad news came for Netflix.

The platform lost 2 lakh subscribers in just 100 days. This is the first time in a decade that this has happened on Netflix, a US-based video streaming platform and production company. As a result, the world’s most popular OTT platform has laid off 150 workers. It also stopped password sharing.

However, the popular OTT platform is again giving the opportunity to share passwords. The subscriber will have to spend extra money on this. In the meantime, the OTT platform has taken money from several users in this regard. The move is aimed at increasing the company’s revenue and preventing many from using a subscription.

However, it has not yet been launched for all users. This special rule has been introduced by users in several countries. These include Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. The idea is that it will soon be available to users in all countries.

In the past, many Netflix users used to accept a single device subscription and share it with multiple people. This allows multiple subscribers to view content on the OTT platform in a single subscription. However, under the new rules, single subscription IDs and passwords cannot be shared with any second party. You have to spend extra to share.

Netflix will understand whenever you log in from a new device with the same ID and password. They will charge extra for this.

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