Mojo Smart Contact Lens

Mojo smart contact lens

As the information floats on the computer screen, the smart contact lens will display the information in front of the eyes. As a result, you do not have to look at the writing repeatedly during the presentation, they can be seen through the smart contact lens placed in the eye. It is surprising to hear, that the US technology company Majo claims that they are developing such an advanced technology lens, which will provide various benefits in addition to seeing the necessary data at a glance.

“If you’re a musician, you can see the lyrics and the chords in front of your eyes as soon as you wear the lens,” said Steve Sinclair, a marketing officer at Mojo. If you are an athlete, you will be able to see various necessary information including distance crossing information.

This lens made by Mojo is called the scalar lens. The lens, which is larger than the white part of the eye, uses a micro-LED display, smart sensor, and a special solid-state battery. As soon as you wear this lens, a screen will appear in front of your eyes. As a result, no matter where you look from left to right, the information can be seen. The smart lens is still in the experimental phase. The lens will be marketed only after approval in the human eye.

In the meantime, a trial version of the smart contact lens has been created. The battery life of the lens will depend on how and how often it is used. Testing is currently underway on how long the smart lens can be used without charge. It will also be examined to see if it can be worn on the eyes all day.

Recently, a group of Chinese researchers also talked about making a kind of flexible contact lens, which can detect eye pressure. Then special drugs come out of this lens to help reduce eye strain. Researchers say the new smart lens is still being tested. It has not yet been tested in humans.

Researchers at the University of Surrey in the UK have also developed a type of smart contact lens that has a special photodetector. It can receive optical information. It has special temperature sensors to solve corneal problems. In addition, there is a sensor to measure glucose from the eye fluid. Physicians will be able to know about the overall condition of the eye using this lens.

Source: BBC

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