Instagram is being strict about the date of birth

The number of users of the popular social media platform Instagram is increasing day by day. However, the site is taking more stringent measures regarding user safety.

A month ago, Instagram announced that from now on, all users will be required to share their date of birth. Because for those under the age of 13, the Meter site is planning to stop using this app.

In the meantime, notifications have started to be sent to the users. Those who have not yet verified their age. It says that before using Instagram, you have to tell your date of birth. Everyone needs to know their date of birth whether their Instagram account is ‘Business’ or ‘Pet’.

This age verification was introduced on Instagram in 2019. But then it was not mandatory. From now on, no user will be able to use Instagram with a fake birth date. However, Instagram has not yet said when the site will be closed for those under the age of 13.

According to Instagram, the new policy will be able to help and protect those who are younger. The new policy is designed with young users in mind in this community.

Meta is also bringing Instagram for Kids app. Although the site did not provide any information about this app. However, they are going to complete the work of age verification very soon.

Source: Times of India

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