Innovation is coming in Google search results

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. This time the site is going to bring big changes in the search results. The site thinks that the new search results will be more convenient for the users.

Google search results are being redesigned. There will be all kinds of information. Users will get text, voice, images,s and more information. This will allow users to get more information. Not only that, users will be able to see as well as listen to any information.

Google has launched a multi-search feature this year. Users will be able to search any image through Google Lens. Users will find various information about the nearby area as well as any image search. That’s why Google has added a local feature. Users will get information about the local area through this.

Suppose you want to eat a new food. But do not know where to get that food. If you search online with pictures of that food through Google Lens, you will get pictures, text, and audio of restaurants around you instantly. Then you can book a table in any restaurant of your choice.

Source: Senate

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