If the smartphone gets wet in the rain

Even then when facing the rain. Seeing the bright sun, I have to get out of the house and fall in the rain. Wet monotonous condition with no umbrella. It also gets wet with the smartphone.

Many phones nowadays are water-resistant. However, it is available on a few phones. Some waterproof phone covers are also available in the market. However, if you do not have any of these benefits and suddenly the phone gets wet in the rain, then do a few quick things. This can protect your smartphone from being damaged.

Let’s find out what to do if your smartphone gets wet in the rain.

> Turn off your phone first. This will reduce the chances of it getting damaged due to a short circuit inside the phone. If you can turn off the water before it gets inside the phone, your phone is a few times more likely to be safe.

> Then wipe the phone with a dry cloth. Dry the phone as well as possible. This will protect your phone from damage a lot.

> If the phone has the facility to open the battery, then quickly remove the phone battery. Although nowadays the battery of the phone is inside the phone. If water gets inside the battery, you may face a big danger.

> Remove the SIM card and memory card from the phone and wipe it well with a dry cloth. The SIM and memory cards of the phone are likely to be damaged due to water leakage. If you have a microfiber cloth at hand, use it to dry the phone once again.

> If water has got inside the phone, vacuum the phone by putting it in a plastic bag. The water inside the phone will come out a lot.

> Now put the phone in the rice bowl. As a result, the moisture accumulated inside the phone will dry out. You can also use silica gel if you want. Leave the phone in this position for two to three days.

> Then take out the phone and turn it on. In many cases, the phone will be turned on at this time. However, if there is excess water inside the phone, it is much less likely to turn on. Take out your phone at least two days after placing it in the rice.

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