How to write fast on iPhone

Using the ‘Text Replacement’ feature on the iPhone, you can write sentences quickly. In other words, typing omw on the iPhone will automatically become on my way. However, this facility cannot be used if desired. To use the text replacement feature, you need to add the required words to the iPhone in advance.

To add words of your choice, first, you have to select General Options from iPhone Settings. Now select the Keyboard option and click on Text replacement and tap the plus sign above. Now you have to write the words you want to add in the Phrase field. Then you have to write a letter as a shortcut to the words written earlier in the Phrase field of the Shortcut option. This means that Syl should be written in the Phrase field as a shortcut to the See You Later sentence. At the end of the text, click on the Save button.

The text replacement feature will work on any iPhone text editing app. As a result, when you write the message, write Syl. If you select the return option from the iPhone keyboard, you will see See You Later instead of syl on the screen.

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