Remember Multiple Passwords

How to remember multiple passwords

Everything is going on in the technology-based world using smart devices. One of the other devices has to handle almost all the daily tasks of human beings. However, there is a password system for all these securities.

Cyber security experts claim that individual, complex and unique passwords have to be created for each subject. Passwords are very important, but most people can’t remember them. This is because of the use of multiple passwords. In this case, you can use the password manager.

Such apps encrypt their archives and store them securely. But this vault is again protected with a master password. All you have to do to use this app is remember a password.

Ways to remember multiple passwords

iCloud Kitchen
If you use an Apple device for browsing, you must use iCloud Kitchen. This is a password manager from Apple. Apple device users will get the feature for free.

Google Password Manager
This is one of the best password managers for Android phone users. Many may have used the feature without realizing it. When using the Google Chrome browser, a pop-up message appears in the dialog box asking if you want to save the password! If you answer yes, it will be saved in Google Password Manager.

Another good password manager is LastPass. It offers the opportunity to store countless passwords. But only one device can access it. You can use it on any device, desktop, or phone.

This password manager has additional security features. It includes dark web scanning and secures VPN to prevent data leaks. Up to 50 passwords can be saved for free.

At first, only Mac computers could use iPassword. But now you can use it on all computers.

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