How much electricity does a smartphone charge once charged?

The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. Smartphones are not just for talking, everything from watching movies to playing games and paying electricity bills can be done. However, it needs to be recharged to maintain its longevity even if the phone is running all the time.

Many people charge their smartphones once a day and many people charge them two to three times a day. However, the charge of the smartphone depends on its battery. But do you know how much electricity costs once the smartphone is charged? It depends on your phone’s battery and charger.

While most phones now offer extremely powerful batteries, many phones offer ordinary low-capacity batteries. As a result, the charge ends in a very short time. That’s why different companies offer more power batteries.

On the other hand, phones with low-capacity batteries have to be charged more than once. In that case, there is a possibility of a higher electricity bill as a result of repeated charges. But many may not know exactly how much electricity is consumed in each charge.

Power consumption depends on the type of charging adapter you are using. However, a report was released by Lawrence Berkeley Lab. It states that if a charging adapter is used between 3 and 6 watts, then 2 hours of charging costs .008 to .014 units of electricity.

This means that if you charge your phone for 2 hours every day, you will consume a total of 2 to 5 units of electricity throughout the year. In other words, if the price per unit is 6 rupees, then the cost per year for phone charge is 14 to 35 rupees.

There are many who keep the phone charged all night or for a long time. But this will increase your electricity consumption. Because the smartphone receives electricity even after a full charge. In this way, if the phone is connected to the charging socket, the power consumption is 2 to 4 watts, it is known in the report.

Another important piece of information is given in the report. That being said, this amount of electricity is consumed in the case of just one phone. However, as the number of phones increases, the cost of charging the phone also depends on the battery and the charging adapter.

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