File sharing facility in Google Play

Google is constantly coming up with new updates to enhance its user experience. This time the tech giant has brought various changes to its Google Play service. The most notable feature of the various changes is the self-share feature.

With this new feature, the Google Play service will get the benefit of Nearby Share. Users will now be able to share different types of files, texts, and links on other devices. You do not have to take permission before sharing each file. Google’s self-share feature began to be tested a few days ago.

This new feature has already been launched. Both Android and iOS users will get the opportunity to use this feature. This requires the user to update their device. You need to use the 22.15 version of Google Play Services and the 30.3 version of Google Play Store.

Users can update the Google Play service by visiting the Google Play Store. First, go to Setting Options and click on About Phone Options. Then go to the Android version and from there tap on the Google Play system update option.

This new update from Google has resulted in a new design for the Google Help app. Although the design of Google’s help app has changed, it is not yet known in detail. However, it is thought that this change may be made by Google for the Android 12 version.

Source: NDTV Gadget

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