Facebook Login without a password

Password forgetting is nothing new. Many people use multiple social accounts. There are different passwords used for each app. There are so many types it’s hard to say.

However, the days of trouble with passwords are coming to an end very soon. No password is required to log in to Facebook, or Instagram. Not only these two apps but also several other apps are going to have this feature.

May 5 was International Password Day. An announcement was made on the same day by Google, Apple, and Microsoft. That is the passwordless sign-in method.

Initially, all major platforms will be introduced with a passwordless authentication system. This method will be introduced later in the case of signing the rest of the app.

This feature is available for Android, iPhone, and even desktop Chrome, Edge, Safari Browser, and macOS.

Basically, users have a hard time remembering passwords. This system has been introduced to get rid of that problem. In addition, social media profiles will be more secure through this technology. It will be more difficult for hackers to hack profiles.

Let’s see how the feature will work-

In this case, the user’s phone will be the real authentication device. In that case, it will not be the default. The system will be turned on if users want. Phone device lock will be mandatory. In other words, pattern, pin, fingerprint, and face authentication will be the main authentication. As a result, you don’t have to enter a separate password to access social networking apps like Facebook and Instagram from that phone.

The whole technology is called Passkey. Which is created using a unique cryptographic token system. Public Key Cryptography (Public Key Cryptography) will do the whole job, said cyber security experts from various organizations.

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