Call recording apps is going to be closed

Last month, Google announced the closure of the call recording app. Google’s other apps also no longer have call recording facilities.

This change has been reported as a result of an update to the Google Play Store. As a result, it will be possible to record calls only through the Google Dialer app. Call recording will not be possible through any other app.

As a result, multiple call recording apps became almost useless from May 11. Because automatic call recording was done through those apps. As soon as the phone came, the record would start automatically in the apps. But that situation is no more.

However, Google has not said anything about why the apps are being shut down. Cyber ​​experts say third-party apps store data on their own servers. As a result, there was a possibility of data theft. On the other hand, when third-party apps started recording calls, the person whose call was being recorded did not receive any notification. Which multiplies the chances of the user’s personal information being compromised.

However, if the call is recorded through Google Dialer, a voice can be heard through IVR. Both the people in the phone call will get that voice notification. So if someone’s call is recorded, he will know that his call is being recorded.

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The call recording feature of the very popular app Truecaller has also been discontinued. TrueClear states that they will fully comply with Google’s policy and that is why they are shutting down the call recording feature.

Source: India Today

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