Clean Phone Speaker

5 ways to clean the phone speaker

Everyone carries a phone all the time. When you go out, keep it in your pocket or bag. Again, leaving the phone at home or in the office. Due to regular use, dust accumulates in the speakers of the phone. Most phones are not cleaned regularly because they are not waterproof. Taking to the servicing center again is also time-consuming.

In this way, the speaker loses its efficiency due to the accumulation of dirt for a long time. The sound of the phone decreases. The same situation is in the charging port of the phone. Due to the openness of these places, dust accumulates. Cleaning these parts of the phone is also very troublesome. However, in a very simple way, you can clean the charging port and speakers of the phone at home.

Clean Phone Speaker

Sticky tape
You will find sticky tapes in any hardware store. There is no substitute for this tape to pull out dust and dirt from anywhere. You can easily get the dirt out by pressing the sticky tech inside the speaker grill of the phone.

Cotton buds
You can clean the speaker grill of the phone using cotton buds. If necessary, you can soak the cotton buds in rubbing alcohol. The speaker grill should be cleaned with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning. In this case, care must be taken not to allow rubbing alcohol to enter the phone in any way.

It is also possible to clean the speaker grill of the phone using an old toothbrush. Any other type of brush can be used if desired.

Compressed air
If you have an air blower in the room to clean the camera or lens, you can also use it to clean the speaker grill of the phone. D dirt will come out if you blow hard in front of the speaker

Cleaning sponge
Professionals use a cleaning sponge to clean the phone’s speaker grill. These sponges are available in the market in different sizes.


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