26 thousand light years away black hole picture Published

At the center of the Milky Way galaxy is a giant black hole. For the first time, astronomers captured a photograph of that mysterious black hole at the center of the galaxy. The ‘Event Horizon Telescope’ project has captured images of this black hole. Its costume name is ‘Sagittarius-A’.

Astronomers released the image on Thursday (May 12), calling the discovery a breakthrough. The study was published in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Scientists claim that there are black holes in all the solar systems, even in the center of our solar system. Through which matter and light cannot pass. Capturing a picture of such an existence was undoubtedly a big deal. This photo was taken by Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. Which shocked the whole world.

The picture shows a central dark region, where the cavity is located. It orbits light through super-heated gases under intense gravitational accelerating energy. In order to maintain balance, the ring is shaped like the orbit of Mercury around our star (Sun). It covers about 60 million kilometers or 40 million miles.

Fortunately, this gigantic object is about 26,000 light-years away from our solar system, so there is no possibility of any danger from it.

Earlier, in 2019, scientists found a picture of a supermassive black hole in another constellation. But the image of this black hole (black hole) in the center of the constellation in which they live did not match. However, the black hole in the galaxy is not close. Its distance from the earth is 26 thousand light-years. In other words, even if it runs at the speed of light, it will take 26,000 years to reach that hole from the earth.

Astronomers have tried many times before to capture photographs of black holes. However, the movement of light and the properties of the black hole never helped. In the Milky Way, this black hole is called ‘Sagittarius A’. It is four million times larger than the sun in our solar system. Absolutely gigantic. However, this is not a picture of the world’s first black hole. Before that, it came out once in 2019. However, the black hole in the solar system that was photographed in the service was 53 light-years away. In that sense, the Milky Way’s black hole is a little bit closer to us.

This new image is special, says Professor Heino Falke, who is involved with the EHT project. Because this is our supermassive black hole.

What is a black hole: It is a cosmic object with a very large mass. Due to this very large mass, its gravitational force is strong and as a result, light cannot escape its attraction.

Source: BBC, Space.com.

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