iPhone 14 Charger

iPhone will be charged on the Android charger

After the launch of the iPhone 13, the manufacturer Apple announced the change of the charging port of the iPhone. According to a report from Apple Tracker iDrop, iPhone 14 model phones can be charged with an Android phone charger! The iPhone 14 Pro model will have a Type-C port, which can be used for charging and data transfer. The iPhone 12 series also had a similar charging port.

However, putting an end to those speculations, iPhone maker Apple has recently started testing the charging port. The company has already started thinking about introducing USB-C ports as per EU guidelines. It is learned that for this purpose, an experiment has been started with special features in the case of iPhone models. If successful, the iPhone will be connected to the USB-C connector instead of the Lightning charging port.

The company is working on how to bring USB-C port into Apple’s latest smartphone models. It is known that the adapter is also being considered. This new feature will also work with accessories that run on the iPhone’s current Lightning connector. However, Apple did not want to say anything directly about this.

However, users are not getting this benefit this year. The company said that some changes are not possible before 2023. In the meantime, Apple’s iPad, and MacBook USB-C chargers are used.

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